Thought I Would be More Productive

I did not intend for it to be this long. One would think I had a bit to say. While not necessarily earth shattering, or even highly interesting, it has been eventful.

For starters, I am extremely craving moompies. Not exactly sure why, as it is not among my favorites. But now you know. Oh, my son, Jared, and his girlfriend, Meghan, have bought a home. Very nice, but so empty. Their apartment was a bit smaller and nice and furnished. It gives them something to enjoy, put together and enjoy as a statement of ‘them’. They were looking to paint the bedroom when we visited. Such creativity. It will be enjoyable to watch.

My daughter, Nicole, recently moved into a row home that she and a friend will be renting. She is spending weekends in Charleslet with her Tayler, her boyfriend. He recently graduated from NCSU and is finding his mark in a new job. Best of wishes to them.

As I said, there has been a bit going on lately of which I hope to share more than I have lately.

…till next time.

Well, That Was Fun…

October 24, 2009 will live in infumy… well, actually, it was quite uneventful.  Except for the annoying stroke I had.

I’d tell you that it was an earthshatering event, however, to me honest, there was little ‘attention getting’ events occouring that day.  I knew I felt odd.  And I knew I had an off sense of not being able to read all that goblygook I put before me.  I went to the grocery store with my son driving.  Walking became difficult and interacting with people became challenging.

I felt no pain.  Thus to me, all was well.  Communication became the hich in my giddyup.  People had a difficult time understanding me.  Frustration!  Off to the emergency room I was taken.

It has been going on eight years now; so that should be an indication of the process.  It is something all would do well to experience, but one that I wish upon no-one!

I have gone through an incredible change, and continue to do so, although ever so slightly now.  There are things I would love to be able to do, but am told to resighn to never doing again.  Throwing a baseball being one of them.  I now understand the meening of ‘frustration’.

One Down

My 2009 New Year’s resolution went something like, “I would like to be able to do something on New Years Day 2010 that I couldn’t do on New Years Day 2009.” Well, today I passed my exam for the Technician level (Element 2) Ham operator’s license. Now, what exactly I’ll do on New Year’s Day 2010 that I did not do on New Year’s Day 2009, I’m not sure… 73

Family That Blogs Together

Well, my Tuesday’s with Nicole continue to be a high point of my weeks and the thought of her moving back home is exciting (another post). What is really cool, is that she is now blogging. OK, she has not yet laid down a trend to know if she will be any more prolific than her old man, but I do so enjoy reading her stuff… and it is not just because she says sweet things about her dad. So, go over and visit and while your there leave some comment love.

Tuesdays with Nicole

For about a month now I have been meeting my daughter for breakfast Tuesday mornings. We meet at a local coffee/bagel shop before heading to work. I really enjoy this time with her. I am always the first to arrive for our breakfast. Nicole is typically not distracted by being on time. I have come to believe this is a genetic predisposition for which she can thank her mother.

Nicole has a busy life full of all kinds of distractions; some more serious than other — not unlike most 22 year olds. She is working full time and going to school part time as well as working with a young boy through the Autism Society part time. Nicole has an incredible heart, for which I also think her mother deserves a genetic nod.

Nicole has been dating a wonderful young man for long enough to suggest it will be with him that she spends her future. With this comes the likely prospect that she will be moving away in the not too distant future; maybe next year, perhaps the following. It is this prospect that has me holding jealously tight to my Tuesday mornings all the more.

"Mad At a Myth"

“Mad At a Myth” is a poem by Phillip E. Long and you can find it in its entirity here. There are several nuggets that I thoroughly enjoy in this poem. My favorite nugget is likely this bit:

I think some of you are mad at Jesus but,
If you ask me, it doesn’t add up.
I mean, I’m not that good at math and
I don’t understand the Holy Trinity,

But I took trigonometry three times
Before I could admit there was anything
I would never figure out completely like?
How could you be so mad — at a myth?

No one holds grudges against Santa and the Tooth fairy
Or mythical beings like Thor and Zeus.
When it comes to personal insult and injury,
Fictional hallucinations are never abused.

What I think I enjoy most is its length. As I read it I am repeatedly thinking, “Oh, that was good. How about some more?” — and there is. I have made several attempts at writing some thoughts into poems and I routinely get started and quickly decide to bring it to an end before I ramble and make less and less sense of the point. God bless the Haiku!

25 Random Things

Janelle (see #4) tagged me. This was first posted on Facebook, but I figured I would crosspost it here as well. If you are so inclined to put together a similar list of your own, consider yourself tagged er, tug…

The Rule: Write a post with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. Then tag whoever, however you wish.

25 things about me:

1. I’m not sure I can think of 24 more things to list.
2. OK, now I’m not sure I can think of 23 more things to list.
3. I just realized this may be easier than I thought 😉
4. I have no doubt I will get back at Janelle for this…

OK, more to the point of this thing:

5. I was without finger prints for the better part of my 16th and 17th summers…
6. I had a job gluing and pressing sandpaper belts…
7. I worked third shift.
8. I learned to drive in a ’72 VW Super Beetle…
9. It was manual shift…
10. I was 14.
11. I once had the hiccups for 3 straight hours…
12. It was the time I first tried ‘chew’…
13. It was “Red Man”.
13. I am realizing I married my best friend…
14. We have 2 beautiful children…
15. They are adults.
16. I am the same age as our new President, Barack Obama…
17. I am not sure what I want to be when I grow up…
18. I am not sure that I intend to grow up.
19. I have discovered Amazon’s One-Click and mp3 downloader…
20. I am really diggin’ Amos Lee…
21. I shall soon be broke…
22. I hated English class in High School…
23. I loved English class in College…
24. Poets can make me cry…
25. I am in awe of a Creator who creates the sunset and allows His creation to photograph it and call themselves creative.

Upon Second Look

Driving to work blinking and yawning. A process that attempts to both moisten and clarify a contact wearer’s vision. Seen on a panel truck I pass: Steamless Guitars. How exceptionally peculiar… blink, blink, yawn… ah, seamless gutters. Imagine my sudden apprehension when seeing a sign outside the local bakery: French Batard. Note to self — remove contacts this evening for cleaning!