Cool, but Pointless

Admittedly this is way cool, but I’m afraid I don’t completely get the point. Canesta has developed what is essentially a keyboardless keyboard. OK, so it makes traveling lighter and it has a tremendous cool factor, but you can’t feel the keys. I am an atrocious speller to begin with and I imagine my lazy pinky finding rest on the tab key or my fat thumb unintentionally sending me to the menu bar. But… it is very cool.

Now, for interesting but not nearly as cool. FrogPad is selling a one-handed keyboard. Out with QWERTY and in with FARWP. Now it is not that this old dog resists learning new tricks, I actually use an alternate layout on my PDA (FITALY), but FrogPad requires multiple key strokes for a single letter. Can you say “hand cramp”?

Well, how about some worthwhile use of technology? eDOT is convinced that technology can “help us further God’s kingdom”. Their focus is electronic Discipleship Outreach and Training by providing “creative outreach and training tools to assist the church in Europe in fulfilling the Great Commission.”