We are finishing a Sunday School series on 2 Kings and I am still so confused with names of the Kings and their families; actually, most of the people of the Old Testament. In addition to the linguistical calisthenics one must go through in attempting correct pronunciation, there is the jumble that Jewish history becomes to me because I am unable to get my head around these names. Well, this morning at work I began to look at it a bit differently. When dealing with involved and complicated databases, I typically alias some of the more complicated tables within my SQL select statements so I am not stumbling over my inability to correctly recall what the DBA determined was suitable table names. This would allow me to know King Jehoshaphat as kj1 and King Jehoram as kj2 while King Zerubbabel would simply be kz1. This maintains the integrity of the database as the DBA intended, but allows me access to the data all the same. While the DBA personally knows King Jeroboam, I would be able to learn the necessary details from:

select kj3.*
from JEROBOAM kj3
where kj3.DEEDS = ‘Evil in the eyes of the Lord.’;

Humor me, it’s Monday!