Cold Feet

Here I am (guy on the right) with two friends taking a dip in a fjord off the North Sea in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. This picture was taken on June 22, 2002 and yes, the water was quite cold. In the time it took for another friend to snap three or four pictures, my toes became noticeably numb.

As I’ve been gathering my thoughts regarding this spiritual journey I am on, some memories of my physical travels came to mind. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and meet some wonderful people and make some friends from a wide range of places. The two others in the photograph are Eric and Cyril; both from France (Auvergne and Paris respectively). Aude, Eric’s girlfriend (also from Paris), snapped the picture. Eric and Aude are currently living in China and will be getting married in October. While my family and I have been invited to the wedding, sadly, we are unable to go. It has been two years since I have traveled abroad and I do so miss it. Mary on the othe hand, dislikes flight travel enormously so our destinations together are somewhat limited.

One of my favorite photos from Norway is this picture of the midnight sun. This was snapped about 12:15am on Jun 22; the longest day of the year. The clouds were great in that they allowed me to take the picture directly into the sun. The light from the sun still created a darker image than reality so I turned to the right about 60 degrees and snap this picture below to show the actual “daylight” at just after midnight.

My spiritual travels have not been as broad or as picturesque, however they are no less personal and have also been the conduit for many friendships and experiences. Well then, stay tuned; my journey or mon voyage ainsi pour parler . . .