L’Aspect Nouveau

Well, there is a new appearance to things around here. While I was not able to completely do what I was envisioning, I was able to make considerable changes. I have come across some issues that I need to address such as a weird behaviour with some of the “continue reading” links. I have tested in Firefox 1.0, IE6 and Opera 7.2, but certainly if you notice anything please let me know!

My intention was to make things less busy looking. Toward this goal I was able to remove, for the most part, the use of tables. Tables are still being used for the boxes in the comment section as well as in the rightclick blog link thingy. So, the absence of tables means a heavier reliance on CSS. I actually like this, but have come across some things that make me go hmmm. I am also using much more javascript; mainly the floating layer to the left and again the rightclick blog link thingy. Javascript is a mixed blessing to say the least.