L’Aspect Nouveau

Well, there is a new appearance to things around here. While I was not able to completely do what I was envisioning, I was able to make considerable changes. I have come across some issues that I need to address such as a weird behaviour with some of the “continue reading” links. I have tested in Firefox 1.0, IE6 and Opera 7.2, but certainly if you notice anything please let me know!

My intention was to make things less busy looking. Toward this goal I was able to remove, for the most part, the use of tables. Tables are still being used for the boxes in the comment section as well as in the rightclick blog link thingy. So, the absence of tables means a heavier reliance on CSS. I actually like this, but have come across some things that make me go hmmm. I am also using much more javascript; mainly the floating layer to the left and again the rightclick blog link thingy. Javascript is a mixed blessing to say the least.

Can You See God?

Brandy tells of a small answer to prayer and how some will chalk up such an event to many things other than God simply wanting to touch a smile to your face. There is pure joy in the worship that occurs when we realize His hand in just such detail. Enjoy this story:

CAN YOU SEE GOD?— Author Unknown [Thanks to Dwayne at GodsWork]

A small boy once approached his slightly older sister with a question about God. “Susie, can anybody ever really see God?” he asked.

Busy with other things, Susie curtly replied: “No, of course not silly. God is so far up in heaven that nobody can see Him.”

Time passed, but his question still lingered so he approached his mom: “Mom, can anybody ever really see God?” “No, not really,”she gently said. “God is a spirit and He dwells in our hearts, but we can never really see Him.”

Somewhat satisfied but still wondering, the youngster went on his way. Not long afterwards, his saintly old Grandfather took the little boy on a fishing trip.

They were having a great time together. The sun was beginning to set with unusual splendor and the grandfather stared silently at the exquisite beauty unfolding before them.

On seeing the face of his grandfather reflecting such deep peace and contentment, the little boy thought for a moment and finally spoke hesitatingly: “Granddad, I–I– wasn’t going to ask anybody else, but I wonder if you can tell me the answer to something I’ve been wondering about a long time. Can anybody–can anybody ever really see God?”

The old man did not even turn his head. A long moment slipped by before he finally answered. “Son,” he quietly said. “It’s getting so I can’t see anything else.”

Cold Feet

Here I am (guy on the right) with two friends taking a dip in a fjord off the North Sea in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. This picture was taken on June 22, 2002 and yes, the water was quite cold. In the time it took for another friend to snap three or four pictures, my toes became noticeably numb.

As I’ve been gathering my thoughts regarding this spiritual journey I am on, some memories of my physical travels came to mind. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and meet some wonderful people and make some friends from a wide range of places. The two others in the photograph are Eric and Cyril; both from France (Auvergne and Paris respectively). Aude, Eric’s girlfriend (also from Paris), snapped the picture. Eric and Aude are currently living in China and will be getting married in October. While my family and I have been invited to the wedding, sadly, we are unable to go. It has been two years since I have traveled abroad and I do so miss it. Mary on the othe hand, dislikes flight travel enormously so our destinations together are somewhat limited.

One of my favorite photos from Norway is this picture of the midnight sun. This was snapped about 12:15am on Jun 22; the longest day of the year. The clouds were great in that they allowed me to take the picture directly into the sun. The light from the sun still created a darker image than reality so I turned to the right about 60 degrees and snap this picture below to show the actual “daylight” at just after midnight.

My spiritual travels have not been as broad or as picturesque, however they are no less personal and have also been the conduit for many friendships and experiences. Well then, stay tuned; my journey or mon voyage ainsi pour parler . . .

343 Year Old Blog


Samuel Pepys is an interesting fellow. I say is because even though Samuel Pepys wrote his diary over 300 years ago, it is being revived one day at a time by Phil Gyford with the text compliments of Project Gutengerg. There are some overview pages in the section the story so far. Here is a sample from the overiew:

March 1660

Mountagu regains his old position of General at Sea, and Pepys agrees to accompany him to sea as his secretary. Pepys spends most of March preparing for the journey; this includes making his will and providing for his wife in case he should not return.

Mountagu and Pepys begin their journey on 23 March, sailing down the Thames and into the English Channel. Mountagu keeps Pepys occupied preparing commissions for members of the fleet, with a strategy of moving Anabaptists out of positions of power. When not working, Pepys fills the time with political gossip, religious debates, music and the occasional game of ninepins.

What I find wonderful is the extensive anotations that people have added. There is a wealth of historical nuances that is so powerful because you are seeing things through the eyes of someone at that time as they are seeing/experiencing them. This is just too cool!