Ahh, Home

The trip over to Europe went well, as did the return trip yesterday. The business meetings were very productive. It looks like my next project will have a go-live date of about mid-June ’05. I was unable to post anything while in Europe due to the proxy settings I had to use while there; that, and I had little time to do so. Arrived Sunday just fine and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in Paris. Walked the top level of the Louvre and went to the next level down to see the Lady before leaving. Friday I was able to spend the day in Brussels and had an amazing time. There is an area in Brussels known as the Grand Place; extremely old with wonderful architecture. In the early afternoon there were some showers and just as they were passing I was able to take this shot (if only it weren’t for the ladder):

Then there is this bit of juxtaposition in downtown Brussels:

Well, it is truly nice to be home and I see I have a great deal of blogs to catch up on. You have all been so prolific…