Whistlin’ in the AM

I drove back from PA today and must say it was a rather pleasant experience. The traffic was very agreeable and I do like the time to myself. My son could not tag along this time (school). I find when I have so much time by myself (almost 8 hours) that I often discover something. Today I learned that I am unable to whistle before 9:00 in the morning. Surprising I know, but true none the less. You see I tend to hum in the shower so this deficiency has not become apparent until this morning. Now, for the record, I have been a rather accomplished whistler for several decades so you can imagine my surprise when I puckered and blew — whoosh, whoosh, pffft — was all I could muster. There was a radio station playing non-stop holiday music and “Winter Wonderland” was the current selection. Hmmph, whoosh, whoosh and again, pffft… how demoralizing.

It was about 8:45 and I pulled in to a small gas station and topped off the tank for the drive south. I went inside to pay and treated myself to a large gas station coffee; an acquired taste. Back into the car and southbound I go. My inadequacy has faded into just a memory and I was recounting this past holiday weekend and quite enjoying the thoughts. About 30 minutes had past and on the radio came the sounds of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.” Being caught up in the moment, I puckered and blew and out came a wonderful accompaniment in perfect harmony. A quick glance at the clock — 9:15. Ahh, my whistle’s back. It must be the time time of day; or… perhaps, the gas station coffee.


Ahh… Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Some call it Black Friday alluding to the evocation of the darker side of the consumer-beings; those of us who arise early and swarm the malls to pay homage to the almighty sale. For me, I prefer to hold this day dear as my annual TNS day. Yes, it is on this day each year that I allow myself the unadulterated pleasure that is Turkey Noodle Soup — warm, soothing, liquid mom!

Can Somebody Help Me?

We arrived at my mom’s around 4:00pm Tuesday and chilled for awhile. We then went to visit my aunt who is in a nursing home after suffering from a stroke that has severely limited the mobility of the left side of her body. Once again my son displayed his huge heart. Here he was with his dad and a couple of ladies quickly approaching 70 playing dominos in the common area of the fourth floor of a nursing home — winning most of the rounds, I might add. His spirit is so gentle. My aunt specifically asked that he give her a push in her wheel chair before we left (she enjoys the weelies), his demeanor was that of a mature, caring soul that just loves to participate in others escaping the weight of their current baggage even if only in a quick wheel chair ride.

Before we got the game underway, I needed to head back out to the car and check on something. My son came along out with me. On our way out there was another lady sitting in a wheel chair chanting (the only word I can think to describe it) the following, haunting verses; “Can somebody help me? Can somebody help me? I’m not doing too good. Can somebody help me?” We pushed the button for down and waited just a dozen feet from this patient. Patient sounds much more clinical than thinking of her as someone’s grandmother. “Can somebody help me? Can somebody help me? I’m not doing too good. Can somebody help me?” We don’t make eye contact; with her nor with each other. I was about to push the button again, but that would appear uncomfortable. “Can somebody help me? Can somebody help me? I’m not doing too good. Can somebody help me?” The door opens and we both step in. As the door closes… “I guess not.”

The ride down, out to the car and back up the elevator was rather quiet. When we stepped out of the elevator we notice, but do not comment on, the missing patient. She must have been returned to her proper place.

We go about our game and enjoy the conversation with a couple of people who my son realizes has seen so much of life. He laughs at some silly jokes and chimes into the conversations when least expected. He realizes that this generation he is playing dominos with is passing. He is learning the value in listening and absorbing their stories. Now, how do I justify to this dear child that our only logical choice was to simply step into the elevator and be about our business…?

Headin’ North

My son and I head north tomorrow morning. We’re driving up 95 to PA and pick up my mom and bring her down on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving here in NC with us. With everybody’s work schedule, it’s difficult to drive up for any reasonable period of time so my son and I will make the journey alone/together and then my mom can spend a few days with us before I drive her back Sunday.

I’m really looking forward to it. My wife says that my son and I are two of a kind. I take that as a huge compliment as I consider my son pretty cool ;^D I suspect he too takes it as a compliment… I hope.

It’s about a 7.5 hour drive. My son and I actually have similar tastes in music and we both like to look out for interesting cars on the highway, but what I am actually looking forward to is the captive audience aspect. He is now 15 and too much of our conversation is “in passing”. I know that my relationship with both of my children is more open, conversationally speaking, that my relationship had been with either of my parents, but I am anticipating a special few days with both my son and my mom.

My prayer is for a blessed Thanksgiving for each of you and yours!

Well, that was fun.

It started with the infamous hourglass. Only this time it never let up. Oh well, I’ll just Ctrl+Alt+delete and shutdown; it’s not like I’ve never had to do that before. OK, there we go… wait a minute. What was that blue screen with all that verbage? Hey wait! Oh, there it goes powercycling all on it’s own. This can not be good.

Well, after several attempts to recover, restore and generally revive what was my laptop, I came to grips with my hard drive having crashed. Actually, the guy on the phone from Compaq telling me that my error number indicates that my hard drive crashed, pretty much sealed it. I received the replacement drive from compaq and have pretty much rebuilt things to where they were. There are however, several files I would really like to get off the old drive. I have a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adaptor coming tomorrow that will be my last hope in this regard. I tried ghosting an image from the drive, but was never able to get past the integrity check Symantic feels is important to run before lifting an image.

I have an old laptop running RedHat FC2 and was using that to keep up with my regular visits on Bloglines, but was not really in the mood to post myself, but this too has passed…

Suggestions Needed

I realize to most May 11, 2005 is better than 6 months away. I don’t see it that way. On that day my bride and I will have been married 20 years. The problem — I have no plan, no strategy, no CLUE what I am going to do to celebrate. I am celebratorily challenged. I forget my own birthdays. So, I need suggestions! Please?

On A Limb

I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I really, really want to be the first to call the next big one. And besides, American politics have, all of a sudden, become decidedly boring this afternoon ;^D

Are you ready?

Powell – Dole in ’08

OK, I’ve said it and if needed I can produce the polls to back me up!