Well, that was fun.

It started with the infamous hourglass. Only this time it never let up. Oh well, I’ll just Ctrl+Alt+delete and shutdown; it’s not like I’ve never had to do that before. OK, there we go… wait a minute. What was that blue screen with all that verbage? Hey wait! Oh, there it goes powercycling all on it’s own. This can not be good.

Well, after several attempts to recover, restore and generally revive what was my laptop, I came to grips with my hard drive having crashed. Actually, the guy on the phone from Compaq telling me that my error number indicates that my hard drive crashed, pretty much sealed it. I received the replacement drive from compaq and have pretty much rebuilt things to where they were. There are however, several files I would really like to get off the old drive. I have a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adaptor coming tomorrow that will be my last hope in this regard. I tried ghosting an image from the drive, but was never able to get past the integrity check Symantic feels is important to run before lifting an image.

I have an old laptop running RedHat FC2 and was using that to keep up with my regular visits on Bloglines, but was not really in the mood to post myself, but this too has passed…