Headin’ North

My son and I head north tomorrow morning. We’re driving up 95 to PA and pick up my mom and bring her down on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving here in NC with us. With everybody’s work schedule, it’s difficult to drive up for any reasonable period of time so my son and I will make the journey alone/together and then my mom can spend a few days with us before I drive her back Sunday.

I’m really looking forward to it. My wife says that my son and I are two of a kind. I take that as a huge compliment as I consider my son pretty cool ;^D I suspect he too takes it as a compliment… I hope.

It’s about a 7.5 hour drive. My son and I actually have similar tastes in music and we both like to look out for interesting cars on the highway, but what I am actually looking forward to is the captive audience aspect. He is now 15 and too much of our conversation is “in passing”. I know that my relationship with both of my children is more open, conversationally speaking, that my relationship had been with either of my parents, but I am anticipating a special few days with both my son and my mom.

My prayer is for a blessed Thanksgiving for each of you and yours!