Whistlin’ in the AM

I drove back from PA today and must say it was a rather pleasant experience. The traffic was very agreeable and I do like the time to myself. My son could not tag along this time (school). I find when I have so much time by myself (almost 8 hours) that I often discover something. Today I learned that I am unable to whistle before 9:00 in the morning. Surprising I know, but true none the less. You see I tend to hum in the shower so this deficiency has not become apparent until this morning. Now, for the record, I have been a rather accomplished whistler for several decades so you can imagine my surprise when I puckered and blew — whoosh, whoosh, pffft — was all I could muster. There was a radio station playing non-stop holiday music and “Winter Wonderland” was the current selection. Hmmph, whoosh, whoosh and again, pffft… how demoralizing.

It was about 8:45 and I pulled in to a small gas station and topped off the tank for the drive south. I went inside to pay and treated myself to a large gas station coffee; an acquired taste. Back into the car and southbound I go. My inadequacy has faded into just a memory and I was recounting this past holiday weekend and quite enjoying the thoughts. About 30 minutes had past and on the radio came the sounds of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.” Being caught up in the moment, I puckered and blew and out came a wonderful accompaniment in perfect harmony. A quick glance at the clock — 9:15. Ahh, my whistle’s back. It must be the time time of day; or… perhaps, the gas station coffee.