Wanted: Pigeonhole

I seem to be missing something. Not something that I think I ever had, but something I seem to think I should have. What I find myself without is my very own pigeonhole. A concise, precise, preferably one word, pigeonhole. I say my very own, but truthfully I would gladly share. In fact a shared pigeonhole provides a certain degree of legitimacy to said hole. Furthermore, a standalone pigeonhole is often seen as quirky and even deprived.

Now, I have given this a great deal of thought (certainly too much some may say). Considering my last name and lineage, and the fact that I grew up in the southern Berks, northern Lancaster counties of Pennsylvania, one may assume that I can pigeon myself into the hole that is an Anabaptist of the oldest order. While I do so admire the Mennonites I grew up around, sadly I do not count myself among them. No, I must admit that the humility with which they approach their lives and their community is foreign to me. Not to mention that without electricity I would never be able to stay current with all the blogs.

Another potential pigeonhole that I have not lived up to is that of a trade laborer. My father, uncles, cousins and generations prior built things; machines, walls, cabinets even whole houses. Not I. While I am rather handy around the house, my living is made on my rump.

I fancied myself an artist at one series of points in my life, but then life itself took over and art is not all that practical now… is it? Odd that I should mention practical as this is another pigeonhole I am unable to claim. Simply asking those intimate to my life will reveal this truth. While considering those loved ones, I am tempted to claim fatherhood, but as somewhere near fifty percent of all parents are fathers, it is too broad to be a real pigeonhole.

When I truthfully and honestly boil it all down, my heart beats with the desire to be placed into the pigeonhole known as a follower of Christ. However, it breaks my heart to face myself and realize that in this endeavor I fall more short than any of the others I have listed above. Oh yes, I am a believer in Christ and I have seen my faith confirmed and reinforced time and time again. Why is it then that I am troubled considering myself a follower Christ?