All Is Right with Firefox

I have been using Firefox since version 8x. In addition to the tabbed browsing (if you’ve never you’ve gotta), I am crazy about the extensions available. I am using a total of 29 extensions; from BBCode, WebMailCompose (works with Gmail) to my alltime favorite Session Saver. This extension remembers all tabs that you have open when you shutdown and then reopens all of them, including history, when you reopen Firefox. As I am typing this I have 1, 2, 3,… 18 tabs open. Many are links from within various blogs that I want to go back and read. Now, if I don’t get to them tonight they will be there tomorrow.

I was actually a bit disappointed because I did not see this extension on Firefox’s extension pages. Alas, Google to the rescue. I even found an Session Saver extended version which is what I installed and am now happily using. I did so miss Session Saver since moving to version 1.0 of Firefox, but now all is right again. Might I recommend that you too Get Firefox!.