Crunchy Pleasure

I had the dogs out one last time for the evening and while they are attending to their business I like to wander up and down the driveway. On my more coordinated evenings I do this while staring into the sky. I also tend to allow leaves to gather in various eddies in the driveway and when they are appropriately dry, I like to walk on them. It is the wonderful crunch that I do so enjoy and has nothing to do with avoiding the rake. I step evenly and smoothly, enjoying that sound.

Tonight the sky is clear and the air is crisp and the crunch is exceptionally delightful. As I was headed south on my march, I looked up, just before the mailbox, to see a falling star drop behind the Micales’ house. I wonder how many people saw that same sight. Is it too selfish to ponder that it might have been just me…?