Linux Blogging: gnome-blog

I recently came across an interesting blogging tool called gnome-blog. Anybody running Linux, blogging regularly and has not taken a look at this application yet, I recommend you do so. First let me say what it is not. It is not a full-featured, option laden, multi-functioned application. As for what it is; gnome-blog is a panel object (aka applet) that can post directly to blogs utilizing the bloggerAPI such as Life with Christ. It is also compatible with several other weblogs including, pyblosxom, and moveable-type.

Bottom line is that gnome-blog is a simple and productive little application. It has a “clean interface… WYSIWYG styled text support…” and entries,”can be written gradually throughout the day popping gnome-blog open and closed as you have thoughts to jot down and then posting at the end of the day”. And the configuration could not be simpler.

Here is a shot of the entire configuration screen:

Settings for LwC are as follows:

  • Blog Type: Self-Run Other
  • Blog Protocol: BloggerAPI
  • Username: your LwC username
  • Password: your LwC password
  • To test your settings you can click on the Lookup Blogs button and it should return your blog name.

    The applet is simply a little button on your panel that opens the entry screen.

    As you can see there are very few “extras”. Those being the bold and italics buttons and a simple Add Link button. When your entry is ready to go you simply click on Post Entry.

    There is also a standalone application in Applications|Accesories. This standalone is very similar to the quick entry screen but has a button for Preferences.

    Now gnome-blog ala LwC is not without some quirks. For example the title field does not translate as the title into LwC and there is no Category field within gnome-blog, but this is of little consequence since LwC does not currently support categories within BloggerAPI. Alas, there are reasonable workarounds. Essentially, embrace your title within <title></title> tags and the category within the <category></category> tags. Make sure you use a legitimate category that you have already set up on LwC.

    In the near future I intend to test drive BloGTK which seems to be very similar to w.Bloggar familar to window$ users. I will put together a similar post after I have had a chance give it a run.

    Feeling a Bit Short on Guilt?

    by: J. Krishnamurti
    via: Bruderhof

    We are, each one of us, responsible for every war
    because of the aggressiveness of our own lives, because of our nationalism, our selfishness, our gods, our prejudices, our ideals, all of which divide us. And only when we realize, not intellect-ually, but actually, as actually as we would recognize that we are hungry or in pain, that you and I are responsible for all this existing chaos, for all the misery throughout the entire world, because we have contributed to it in our daily lives, and as a part of this monstrous society with its wars, divisions, its ugliness, brutality and greed—only then will we act.

    Google Video

    I have not been very impressed with [url=]Google Desktop[/url]. Perhaps because it was the last thing I did before my hard drive crashed, but [url=]this looks pretty cool[/url]! 😎

    A Great Read

    I have yet to be disappointed by reading posts from Rachel. She always causes me to think, I mean really think.

    I recall when I first stumbled onto Jewish Anitquities by Flavius Josephus and then read some about Philo of Alexandria and the idea of history and philosophy being preserved by the contemporaries of the time took on a whole new depth. On some level I always just took the Old Testement to be my only access to Jewish history and that was that; never really giving it much further thought. This coming from someone who considers The Arcanum and Longitude both entertaining and enjoyable reads. I was thrilled that I now had access to such Jewish historical writings.

    Well, Rachel’s research routinely adds to my to-read list. She does so by sharing and communicating her quest to understand or grasp her heritage in a way that makes it thoroughly enjoyable to tag along for the ride. In her recent post, Origins of Jehovah she provides some very interesting history of the Tetragrammaton. Everything that I have read by The Velveteen Rabbi has been thought provoking, well researched and downright enjoyable. Looking for a great read?…

    I Resemble that Remark — Curly

    [url=]Clint[/url] was daring enough to take the test so I figured,”why not”? Hmmm… 😕

    I am nerdier than 94% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

    I thought for sure leaning toward history versus math or science in some of the questioning would have cost me more, but I think being able to answer the periodic table question pumped up the score. To think that has less to do with my nerdness and more to do with having a 15 year old who is taking honors chemistry and forever asking for help with his homework. His reaction to my results?…” I told you so!” Ahhh, but his day will come — Newton’s missing law of gravity: “the fruit does not fall far from the tree.” 😉

    So, go ahead — see how you score.

    Variation of Graham’s Template

    I have been wanting to revise my blog “look” for awhile and with word of the impending revision to [url=]LwC[/url] I figured now would be the time. Well, as the upgrade hit, I was also forced, for some bizzare reasons totally out of my control, to access by blog via IE for a majority of my visits. I don’t know if it was the upgrade or if it has been this way for a while, but my blog looked very wonkie in IE. So, enough is enough. I began to put something together from scratch using some ideas I have gleaned from different sites and examples, but then I saw the [url=]template[/url] that [url=]Graham[/url] had published and figured I would use it. I like the simplicity of it and it appears to afford me much more real estate. I did swap the left and right div’s and changed some of the colors, but I think it is still in keeping with the original intent.

    Also, I was going to create the “about me” post that Graham suggests and then point to it via the about link, but I decided instead to point to the user information available right on LwC. I have not made up my mind yet which way I will go on that. I would kinda like to maintain the same appearance on this page as my blog so I may create the about me post anyway.

    I do seem to have shaken up the comment look somewhat. I will have to give that some time tomorrow but, overall I’m pleased. I’m curious to hear if it render’s well on your particular browser and hopefully I have not broken what Graham had built too badly.