Variation of Graham’s Template

I have been wanting to revise my blog “look” for awhile and with word of the impending revision to [url=]LwC[/url] I figured now would be the time. Well, as the upgrade hit, I was also forced, for some bizzare reasons totally out of my control, to access by blog via IE for a majority of my visits. I don’t know if it was the upgrade or if it has been this way for a while, but my blog looked very wonkie in IE. So, enough is enough. I began to put something together from scratch using some ideas I have gleaned from different sites and examples, but then I saw the [url=]template[/url] that [url=]Graham[/url] had published and figured I would use it. I like the simplicity of it and it appears to afford me much more real estate. I did swap the left and right div’s and changed some of the colors, but I think it is still in keeping with the original intent.

Also, I was going to create the “about me” post that Graham suggests and then point to it via the about link, but I decided instead to point to the user information available right on LwC. I have not made up my mind yet which way I will go on that. I would kinda like to maintain the same appearance on this page as my blog so I may create the about me post anyway.

I do seem to have shaken up the comment look somewhat. I will have to give that some time tomorrow but, overall I’m pleased. I’m curious to hear if it render’s well on your particular browser and hopefully I have not broken what Graham had built too badly.