A Great Read

I have yet to be disappointed by reading posts from Rachel. She always causes me to think, I mean really think.

I recall when I first stumbled onto Jewish Anitquities by Flavius Josephus and then read some about Philo of Alexandria and the idea of history and philosophy being preserved by the contemporaries of the time took on a whole new depth. On some level I always just took the Old Testement to be my only access to Jewish history and that was that; never really giving it much further thought. This coming from someone who considers The Arcanum and Longitude both entertaining and enjoyable reads. I was thrilled that I now had access to such Jewish historical writings.

Well, Rachel’s research routinely adds to my to-read list. She does so by sharing and communicating her quest to understand or grasp her heritage in a way that makes it thoroughly enjoyable to tag along for the ride. In her recent post, Origins of Jehovah she provides some very interesting history of the Tetragrammaton. Everything that I have read by The Velveteen Rabbi has been thought provoking, well researched and downright enjoyable. Looking for a great read?…