Linux Blogging: gnome-blog

I recently came across an interesting blogging tool called gnome-blog. Anybody running Linux, blogging regularly and has not taken a look at this application yet, I recommend you do so. First let me say what it is not. It is not a full-featured, option laden, multi-functioned application. As for what it is; gnome-blog is a panel object (aka applet) that can post directly to blogs utilizing the bloggerAPI such as Life with Christ. It is also compatible with several other weblogs including, pyblosxom, and moveable-type.

Bottom line is that gnome-blog is a simple and productive little application. It has a “clean interface… WYSIWYG styled text support…” and entries,”can be written gradually throughout the day popping gnome-blog open and closed as you have thoughts to jot down and then posting at the end of the day”. And the configuration could not be simpler.

Here is a shot of the entire configuration screen:

Settings for LwC are as follows:

  • Blog Type: Self-Run Other
  • Blog Protocol: BloggerAPI
  • Username: your LwC username
  • Password: your LwC password
  • To test your settings you can click on the Lookup Blogs button and it should return your blog name.

    The applet is simply a little button on your panel that opens the entry screen.

    As you can see there are very few “extras”. Those being the bold and italics buttons and a simple Add Link button. When your entry is ready to go you simply click on Post Entry.

    There is also a standalone application in Applications|Accesories. This standalone is very similar to the quick entry screen but has a button for Preferences.

    Now gnome-blog ala LwC is not without some quirks. For example the title field does not translate as the title into LwC and there is no Category field within gnome-blog, but this is of little consequence since LwC does not currently support categories within BloggerAPI. Alas, there are reasonable workarounds. Essentially, embrace your title within <title></title> tags and the category within the <category></category> tags. Make sure you use a legitimate category that you have already set up on LwC.

    In the near future I intend to test drive BloGTK which seems to be very similar to w.Bloggar familar to window$ users. I will put together a similar post after I have had a chance give it a run.