Questions Begging Answers

Below are my replies to 5 — or 7 depending on how you count them 🙂 interview questions posed to me by Jess at ~Captured Thoughts~

If YOU would like to submit yourself to an interview:
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Now, to Jess’ questions:

Cool News

My son made the high school (JV) baseball team. He tried out for the JV team because he felt, as a sophomore, he would get more playing opportunity on JV. As his dad, I thought he would do just fine on varsity 😀

He had been working out with the collective team since fall. When he started he could bench 85 lbs. and now is benching 135 lbs. and the kid himself only weighs 130 lbs. sopping wet. His name is Jared (as in Enoch’s father, Gen. 5:15-20) and the coaches and team have taken to calling him Subway. He get’s a kick out of it.

For a boy of 15 he has his future all worked out. Give or take a year, he plans to be playing second base for the Yankees in 2014. Being the realist, he also has a solid fall-back option… electric guitar virtuoso 🙄

What a Sweetheart

I woke up a bit earlier that usualy this morning; a drizzly Monday morning. Up early to get to a video conference with a group of Europeans out of which little will likely get accomplished. To make matters worse I forgot to set the timer on the coffee pot last night. So, I hit the on button and take the dogs outside. When I get back in the coffee is ready and I get some breakfast together. It is then that I notice the card (and a bag of Heath Bites) sitting on the table. From the handwritting I realize it is from my daughter Nicole. Nicole is a vibrant, beautiful young lady of almost 19 years who has this old sod wrapped tightly around her little finger.

I open the card and read the following:

I love you daddy. I know I don’t always show it, but even through those silent car rides to work in the morning and bad moods (note: her’s not mine), I love you with my whole heart. Thank you for loving me so much and being such a great dad. You are always there to listen and give me Godly advice. I love you so much dad.

Need I tell you that my day took a decided turn for the better? As I drove to work I thought of my daughter growing up and how I still see her as my little girl. I chuckled to myself as I recalled a former boyfriend of my daughter once telling her that I am intimidating. Other guy friends of hers have said the same thing. Even a close girlfriend of her’s tells her that she can see how the guys think I am intimidating. I am at a loss to understand this perception. I am about as intimidating as a toe tappin’ penguin with oversized sunglasses.

My Bride just laughs…

I sit here as the evening winds down and I look back on a day with a five hour video conference that turned out to be a bit more productive than I anticipated and a day that overall had a few more smiles than usual. I also intend to go upstairs and read this card to my Father…

Desire to Go Deeper

I had created the category Journey as a place to document various inputs, be they thoughts, experiences or discoveries, that I stumble upon. Rattling about in my head lately is the thought that I really deire to surround myself with those that wish to go deeper. This is less a comment on the ability of my aquaintances to hold their mental breath but more on a longing to delve and question without fearing a nasty case of the bends when returning to the surface.

I have been involved in a handful of small groups of men that have met over coffee early some mornings. Most of the groups have been organized with a specific book chosen to read and discuss. These tend to be proper baptist books from authors like Henry Blackeby and such. Yes, I’ve even gone through Mr. Warren’s PDL… twice (arrggg). Another group I’ve been involved with has been walking through the New Testament a chapter every week or two. This has been quite enjoyable as each participant takes a turn leading the group for a chapter. This also has been the most edifying and the closest to an accountability arrangement I have had in my life outside of my marriage. Interestingly, this is also a multi-denominational, multi-racial group as well — and this group devotes at least as much time each week to supplication and intercession as to Bible study.

Back to my point. When sitting with these fellows and discussing various topics of life and our Christian walks, I often hear the odd, trite, Christian cliche tossed about. Often the look on the face of the tosser is that of great satisfaction that he has just shared such a deeply insightful truth. It takes all I can muster to refrain from cringing or letting out a good belly laugh at the juvenility of the statement. Sadly, the truth is that we put a great deal of effort into possessing a repetoire of appropriate cliches. Yea verily, all too often I am guilty of this sport and I do have quite the quiver full of cliches.

So, in lieu of these trite tidbits and snappy soundbites what are we to do? First, I imagine we need to give up the presumption that something always needs to be said. Second, think deeply about what is to be said. Third, consider if it is appropriate to be said. Fourth, if the moment is still viable then, and only in fifty percent of the cases, say it. For example, I routinely hear parables described as “earthly stories with heavenly meaning.” Cute, but not very provoking. How about if we consider, as N.T. Wright does,

“What would we have to do as the people of God in order to make people outside the church say in frustration or anger or surprise, ‘why are you doing that,E’ such that would call forth from us fresh stories of explanation.”

Not exactly a thought to which you smile and say “good one.”

— quote lifted from a talk by N.T.Wright available at ntwrightpage entitled Jesus and the Kingdom.

Appetite for Life

My desire is to slow down my consumption of life. I do not mean the speed at which it is passing by, but rather the volume that I tend to partake of at any given sitting. Instead of gulp and devour I long to sip and savor with intention and purpose. I am to eat life with chopsticks!

An Intimate Haircut

She caresses the side of my head gently as she contemplates her next move. She gathers a small handful of hair, lifts it up and measures it to her fourth finger and snips. She then strokes that handful back into place and gathers another. As my hair dryes she wets her hands at the faucet and runs her fingers through my locks and I soak it in. There is little conversation, just her hands moving, caressing and cutting.

My Bride has been cutting my hair for quite some time now and I do so enjoy it 😉