What a Sweetheart

I woke up a bit earlier that usualy this morning; a drizzly Monday morning. Up early to get to a video conference with a group of Europeans out of which little will likely get accomplished. To make matters worse I forgot to set the timer on the coffee pot last night. So, I hit the on button and take the dogs outside. When I get back in the coffee is ready and I get some breakfast together. It is then that I notice the card (and a bag of Heath Bites) sitting on the table. From the handwritting I realize it is from my daughter Nicole. Nicole is a vibrant, beautiful young lady of almost 19 years who has this old sod wrapped tightly around her little finger.

I open the card and read the following:

I love you daddy. I know I don’t always show it, but even through those silent car rides to work in the morning and bad moods (note: her’s not mine), I love you with my whole heart. Thank you for loving me so much and being such a great dad. You are always there to listen and give me Godly advice. I love you so much dad.

Need I tell you that my day took a decided turn for the better? As I drove to work I thought of my daughter growing up and how I still see her as my little girl. I chuckled to myself as I recalled a former boyfriend of my daughter once telling her that I am intimidating. Other guy friends of hers have said the same thing. Even a close girlfriend of her’s tells her that she can see how the guys think I am intimidating. I am at a loss to understand this perception. I am about as intimidating as a toe tappin’ penguin with oversized sunglasses.

My Bride just laughs…

I sit here as the evening winds down and I look back on a day with a five hour video conference that turned out to be a bit more productive than I anticipated and a day that overall had a few more smiles than usual. I also intend to go upstairs and read this card to my Father…