Cool News

My son made the high school (JV) baseball team. He tried out for the JV team because he felt, as a sophomore, he would get more playing opportunity on JV. As his dad, I thought he would do just fine on varsity πŸ˜€

He had been working out with the collective team since fall. When he started he could bench 85 lbs. and now is benching 135 lbs. and the kid himself only weighs 130 lbs. sopping wet. His name is Jared (as in Enoch’s father, Gen. 5:15-20) and the coaches and team have taken to calling him Subway. He get’s a kick out of it.

For a boy of 15 he has his future all worked out. Give or take a year, he plans to be playing second base for the Yankees in 2014. Being the realist, he also has a solid fall-back option… electric guitar virtuoso πŸ™„