Way Behind

Wow, I feel so far behind. I got over my little cold alright, but then there was a major press on at work and the days turned long. Now, I find myself sitting in a hotel room just outside Washington. I’m here all week and thought maybe I would finally be able to catch up on all my favorite blogs and even post a few myself. I have 5 interview questions from Meesh to which I owe answers and have been considering several different ideas for posts.

Well, Sunday night I settled in to my room and plugged in my laptop to the room’s high speed connection and… nothing. Several reboots of both the laptop and the DSL router in my room and still nothing. I call the front desk and was told I may just have to settle for using dial up. Now, you really have no reason to just believe me when I say I do not anger easily, but I really don’t. Yet… put me behind the wheel for over 5 hours on a Sunday when I would much rather be home and give me a non-smoking room that hints of some commercial product attempting to cover up many spent packs of ciggarettes and then tell me to settle for dial up and, well, you get the picture. I watched some ESPN, called the family and got to bed early.

Monday showed promise. I found where I was going without incident and the traffic on I95 was really not bad. At the end of the day, on my way back to the hotel, I got a hankering for some Chinese food. Instead of turning left into the hotel I continued heading west and drove into and then through a small town. I thought I passed Hunan Garden so given an opportune spot to turn around, I figured I would do so. Just then I notice a sign to my right. It read Cedar Ridge Community Church. I slapped the right turn signal on, slowed down quickly and made the turn into the drive. I didn’t even get honked at.

CRCC sits on what appears to have been a horse pasture with a large barn that has been turned into an annex building for the church. A very beautiful setting. Since I will be in town for the week I was hoping to maybe attend a midweek service/meeting. As it turns out I only saw information about some AA groups and a ladies prayer group meeting during the week. Oh well.

After scoring an order of sesame chicken, I returned to the hotel Monday evening and fired up the laptop. More of the same — nothing. I once again called the front desk and pleaded my case. “Do you know how many hotels I have stayed in without issue when going online?” “No, it is not a setting on my machine.” “Yes, please send maintenance” — maintenance? Well, about 20 minutes later David arrived. David is a slightly built Mexican gentleman with a broad, white smile. He went through the usual check list, the same I did the night prior, with similar results. He called the front desk to find other unoccupied rooms that we might use as tests cases. They promised to call him back in 5 minutes. We chatted a little. David is one of those people the Lord sends your way when you’re really close to acting stupid; the kind of person who distracts you just enough. Well, the front desk did not call in a timely fashion so David called them and firmly gave them a what-for. I just chuckled. They gave him some room numbers and we checked them out. Same story, no connection. Then David told me I was the fourth person to call with this same problem that day and he has told the boss to call someone to come in and check ‘the big box in the basement’. I almost suggested to David that he and I go to the basement and fix the thing, but I thought better of it. The liability of taking down a hotel’s entire communication system is not something I think my superiors would take kindly. So, I thanked David for his time and told him it was a pleasure meeting him, as it very well was.

Today was another good day. Traffic was agreeable again and the weather was cool and fresh. I opted for lo-mein this evening and I stumbled on a small ‘afri-carib market’. It is a great little store. I picked up a couple liters of water and some really good licorice. I settled down to dinner and CNN and didn’t even attempt to fire up the laptop until almost 8:00. When I did, I was pleasantly surprised when I was suddenly online — way to go David!