Answers to Meesh’s Five

Another set of 5 interview questions, this time from [url=]Meesh[/url]. Remember, if you would like to participate leave a comment saying “interview me” and I will give you your very own set of 5 questions that you answer on your blog and then make a similar offer to interview someone else. So, on to Meesh’s questions.

1. Your children are in their teen years and pretty soon they will be out the house, is there anything you look back on and wish you would have done differently as they were coming up and what do you do now to give them their “father” time? What is the most important thing you hope to pass on to them, and what hopes do you have for them in their adult years?

Yes, there certainly is. We relocated when the kids were quite young. Nicole was three and a half and Jared was six months. With my bride being an only child, our kids were her parents’ only grandchildren and as it has turned out they have been my parent’s only grandchildren as well.

My father-in-law’s health was never strong for as long as I knew him and it was about five years after we moved to North Carolina from Pennsylvania that he passed away. Eventually, my mother-in-law moved in with us. Her health was deteriorating and my bride became her fulltime caregiver. This was a very trying time for us, but we were very thankful to have her with us. The kids and I witnessed a side of my bride that we had taken for granted. We saw unconditional love demonstrated before our very eyes in a way that still brings a lump to my throat. Then on a Saturday morning in November of 2000 I received a phone call telling me that my dad passed away unexpectedly. I still remember the look in my mother-in-law’s eyes when she told me how sorry she fealt for me. It was August of the following year that she too passed away.

What exactly does this have to do with what I wish I would’ve done differently? I wish I would not have removed our children from our parents’ daily lives. They have missed out on so much opportunity to know each other. It is not that I think moving to North Carolina was necessarily a wrong decision, I just stuggle with what I have prevented by doing so.

Regarding their “father” time, both my bride and I try to “make dates” with each of the kids. About ever other week we each take a different one out for dinner on the same evening. These are very special times and then my bride and I get together and share all about the evening.

The one thing I hope they both take away from my interaction with them as their father as well as how they see me interact with others is that people are to be taken seriously and that ‘the other person’ is likely coming from a different place in life but that does not dismiss the reality of that place to them. Now my hopes for them in the future is to realize every last dream they have ever dreamt… and to do so within twenty miles of my bride and I 😉 oh, and gobs of grandbabies!

2. How do you keep yourself faithful in your walk with God?

I can not honestly say that I have kept myself faithful in my walk. In fact here lately I am stuggling with being completely honest with God. My prayer life recently has been kinda like when I had to tell my parents that I ran the ’72 Chevy wagon off the road while driving friends home before my parents got home from work when I was not supposed to have any friends over when my parents were not home — avoiding eye contact and reluctant to get to the point. In spite of this, I am drawn to desire that faithful walk… oh, to submit.

3. What do you think is the most overlooked issue in the world today? What invention do you think the world would have been better without?

The assumption that one’s patriotism is somehow indicative of one’s faith. This sentiment has been stewing in me for awhile but came to a full boil one Sunday morning just before Vetrans Day. I had been reading about the lives of believers in countries such as China and I found myself considering that on this particular Sunday morning, as the sun rose over various parts of the globe, other believers would be expressing their love and praise to our Lord as I was. In this way I was very connected to these brothers and sisters. It was during this contemplation that we were asked to stand and pledge allegiance to the flag. All connections snapped.

Now, the invention that the world would be better without — that would be the cell phone with the television as a close second and the honey-do jar somewhere in there as well 😀

4. What things do you do to edify your bride, and how do you lead your children in honoring and respecting her?

Put down whatever I am doing and listen. It has taken me the better part of the last twenty years to just begin to get this one; simple but hardly easy. Where the kids are concerned, if they witness a less than edifying word from my mouth, it is important that also witness the requisit appology.

5. I know G220 is the name you got from Galatians 2:20, is there any other verse that speaks to your life so well? What man of the bible has inspired you in your walk with God, and which one do you think you are most like and why?

Ahh, finally an easy one, except maybe for the last part 😉 Another verse that speaks to me is Psalm 27:1. This is the verse I shared at my Baptism and, like Galatians 2:20, is deeper the more you consider it. One of the men of the Bible that has inspired me would be Abraham. Oh, to be considered God’s friend. Now, who am I most like and why… probably Jonah — see answer to question 2.