Words That Stop a Father’s Heart

Dad, I think I may have found the one… My Bride checks for a pulse and fetches the antacid. OK, so I have nothing in writing or in any other way contractually binding, but I took it for common knowledge that I am not to face the prospect of my daughter ever marrying away from me before my mid-80’s. I see that revealing smile begin to break across my daughter’s face. She has gotten the reaction she sought and I am really no worse for wear. She elaborates that she connects with him on many different levels and convictions, but acknowledges that it is premature to buy the rice.

My daughter met him at work several months ago and got to know him better through another friend at work. Funny thing is at first she found him a bit annoying. But, as it often goes the better you get to know somebody so much changes. I’ve not actually met him yet as he is currently in Kansas City. Apparently he’s gifted musically and is involved with the worship team at IHOP and is participating in The ONETHING internship. For now I count the several hundred miles a blessing 😉