My Daughter’s Eye

My daughter loves to take pictures. She has hundreds I’m sure. Many of her friends. Some of her with her friends. Some of just whatever caught her attention at the time. We were talking about how to make a photograph tell something that may not be obvious to passerbys. Photographing in black and white allows the photographer to do just that.

Last year we went to an Ansel Adams exhibit at the NC Museum of Art. We talked about how he was able to catch such majesty in black and white photographs. It is almost as though you ‘see more’, especially texturally, because you are not distracted by colors.

Recently my daughter took her camera and a roll of black and white film to the North Carolina shore. The weather was rather overcast and dreary, but she was on the lookout for shots that made the most of texture and overall feeling instead of characters and color. Here is a handful of her favorites, I think I may incorporate the last one into my blog banner at some point:

BW Feet at the Beach

BW Sunset at the Beach

BW bird at the Beach

BW Believe at the Beach