Really Cool LwC Forums!

There are several new forums open for business on [url=]LwC[/url]. I encourage you to [url=]check them out[/url]. There are 21 total, if I counted correctly, ranging in themes from [url=]Bible Study[/url] to [url=]Entertainment[/url]; from [url=]Homeschooling[/url] to [url=]Weblog Templating[/url]. There are several ministry related forums such as [url=]Worhip[/url] and [url=]Mission/Outreach[/url].
I think the forums on [url=]LwC[/url] will add to the growing sense of community at [url=]LwC[/url]. Right now things are quiet, but as word of them gets around I think they will liven right up! Now, if you only have time to check out one or two of the forums, allow me to recommend [url=]Homeschooling[/url] and [url=]Technology and Christian Life[/url]. The moderators are just the nicest people you’ll ever meet 😀