A Night At The Movies

I love films that move me. I don’t particularly care for the scary variety, but appreciate a good story that touches my heart or even a well done performance that challenges something of my life that I may have taken for granted or even ignored totally. Of course I love to be entertained, although mindless comedy tends to bore me.

What if a movie moves you to want to take action? Can a movie expect something of you? I had read reviews of a particular movie — Hotel Rwanda — and wondered if this might be one of those films. Neil over at The Fireglass Case has come face to face with these questions as a result of this movie. Neil records his thoughts and reactions to this movie and he has been moved.

I cannot remain on the sidelines anymore. I cannot pretend that terrible things are not happening in this world when its very obvious there are.

Certainly the movie set out to have an impact, but is it fair to do so then scroll the credits and thank you for your patronage wishing you to drive safely on your way home? How does a person deal with what they are just come face-to-face with? Neil considers:

I cannot stand by any longer but I know not where to go, only that I must go.

So, is this film sincere social action or merely emotional manipulation? Is this movie intended to stir the passion of people for good or to soothe the consciences of filmmakers as they consider their worth? Do these questions even matter if I daily walk past God’s children in need?