Good Readin’ Zines

Monday evening I received a package from Texas; a nondescript manilla envelope — they’ve arrived. I carefully opened the envelope and slid out the contents; one bumper sticker, a membership card, a wonderful handmade journal (I am thinking this will be a gift, but to whom?), some information cards and two zines. Zines, you ask? Yep, zines.

Samantha over at The Home Realm publishes a couple of zines. You can learn more about them here. They are two zines somewhat different in theme, but similar in that they are of Samantha. She calls them the Eclectic Domestic and the Bohemian House Wife. I can hear you now, “g! What gives? Eclectic Domestic? Bohemian Housewife? Is there a side to you that you’ve yet to share with us?” Well, yes, but I’ll save most of that for other posts. Suffice it to say that I am actually quite the domestic. Granted, there was a period of time where I actually demonstrated that a man could physiologically sustain himself on canned spaghetti and root beer, but I have developed quite considerably in the necessary skills to contribute to the making of a home. In fact I’ve even been told I make awesome savory French onion/mushroom soup… which also happens to go quite well with root beer. I am also a bit anal-retentive (yes, there is a hyphen in anal-retentive!) so there are no dirty socks on the floor when I’m around, which is a good thing. There are also to be no forks pointing the wrong direction in the silverware caddie, which I’m told can be a bit annoying — and don’t let me catch you putting the lid on a PB&J sandwich contrary to its base!

Samantha was one of the first bloggers I began reading and I have always looked forward to her postings. When I read about her zine endeavor, I figured her track record with her blog suggested her zines would be nothing if not interesting. They are! I started reading the Eclectic Domestic but my Bride swiped it. So, I read the Bohemian House Wife — very, very personal. Samantha provides a look into her head and heart that is very honest and revealing. I found Samantha’s writing giving me another perspective on my daughter. She is preparing to leave her teens and enter her twenties and is attempting to find her balance in the ‘grown-up world’. Samantha writes of her life’s phases and how she has experienced the hand of God thoughout. My prayer is that Nicole is also sensative to the Lord’s leading and protection. And if she happens to mature into her own variation of an Eclectic Domestic or even a Bohemian House Wife… I will count myself blessed.