As I See Them

Lately I seem to be lamenting the reality of my children growing up so quickly. I suppose it’s natural to want to capture them in a moment and hold tight. Well, this picture is one of my favorite because it reveals so much their personalities. This was taken about nine years ago which makes Nicole 10 and Jared 7 in the picture. As their father, this is as I see them:

Nicole and Jared as Kids

My Daughter’s Eye

My daughter loves to take pictures. She has hundreds I’m sure. Many of her friends. Some of her with her friends. Some of just whatever caught her attention at the time. We were talking about how to make a photograph tell something that may not be obvious to passerbys. Photographing in black and white allows the photographer to do just that.

Last year we went to an Ansel Adams exhibit at the NC Museum of Art. We talked about how he was able to catch such majesty in black and white photographs. It is almost as though you ‘see more’, especially texturally, because you are not distracted by colors.

Recently my daughter took her camera and a roll of black and white film to the North Carolina shore. The weather was rather overcast and dreary, but she was on the lookout for shots that made the most of texture and overall feeling instead of characters and color. Here is a handful of her favorites, I think I may incorporate the last one into my blog banner at some point:

BW Feet at the Beach

BW Sunset at the Beach

BW bird at the Beach

BW Believe at the Beach

Words That Stop a Father’s Heart

Dad, I think I may have found the one… My Bride checks for a pulse and fetches the antacid. OK, so I have nothing in writing or in any other way contractually binding, but I took it for common knowledge that I am not to face the prospect of my daughter ever marrying away from me before my mid-80’s. I see that revealing smile begin to break across my daughter’s face. She has gotten the reaction she sought and I am really no worse for wear. She elaborates that she connects with him on many different levels and convictions, but acknowledges that it is premature to buy the rice.

My daughter met him at work several months ago and got to know him better through another friend at work. Funny thing is at first she found him a bit annoying. But, as it often goes the better you get to know somebody so much changes. I’ve not actually met him yet as he is currently in Kansas City. Apparently he’s gifted musically and is involved with the worship team at IHOP and is participating in The ONETHING internship. For now I count the several hundred miles a blessing 😉

Software Survey

I know many of you use various Bible software products in your studies. You may want to consider taking time to complete this survey. As noted on the website for The SWORD Project:

Bible Software vendors from around the globe are jointly sponsoring a cooperative User Survey to glean from Bible Software Users worldwide their needs, requests, and dreams. Help us enhance our offerings to the community in a meaningful way that specifically addresses your areas of interest, and seed the discussions for features in the next generation of Bible Software.

What a Slackard

I had not realized how long it has been since I last posted. Yikes, almost two weeks; where have I been? Now I never promised myself I was going to make very regular, predictable entries, but one of the reasons I started this blog was to document the condition my head and heart were in at any given point in time to then enjoy the look back sometime in the future. Another purpose has been to document the odd synapse where that light goes on and I realize I just discovered something about myself. Admittedly, sometimes it is more serious than others. In adition to simply documenting these things, another intention was to share what goes into the making of me as I travel this journey. In looking back on posts of this type, I realised there has been only one post that actually shows me.

Well, I have a few thoughts, ideas and other morsels simmering that I’d like to serve here over the next little bit. I’ll try not to let it be another half-a-month till I do so.