Cool Radio Station

I’m sitting here pokin’ around the web passing the time until I go pick up my daughter. I’m so excited to hear all about [u]her trip[/u] that I’m fairly unable to concentrate on anything too deep. Instead I decided to go visit the [u]workplace[/u] of [u]Rodney Olsen[/u]. Rodney hosts the 9:00am to midday slot Monday through Friday. To save you the trouble calculating the time difference, Rodney is 12 hours ahead of me here in North Carolina which is why I am listening to his AM show in the PM. The streaming works very well and it is kinda cool getting the scoop on what tomorrow holds. Actually, it sounds like it will be more of the same — higher petrol prices. Rodney regularly blogs about how much he enjoys his job and recently asked his readers the question. [u]”Are you in a job you enjoy?”[/u] He has me thinking about what makes a job enjoyable. If I’m not mistaken Rodney is located in Perth which I believe is where [u]Jaki and Trev[/u] are located. That being the case it sounds like winter is receding ever so slightly there today, err tonight, uhh tomorrow…? Well, it’s about time for me to head out to pick up Nicole… later!

From a Friend

My prayer is that each of you have a friend to go to for a word such as this:

Perhaps the greatest lesson here is not how to overcome the disobedience of the past but rather how to trust Him for the moment. I liken such a lesson to having just met the Lord for the first time. If today was the first day that I came in contact with God through Jesus Christ, then today would be the first day I experienced forgiveness of sins, pardon from condemnation, righteousness in place of unrighteousness, and all the rest that is implicit and explicit in meeting with Jesus. If that can be true of me when meeting Jesus for the first time, why can it not be true of me also when I have been a believer for a great number of years? If it doesn’t apply after a great number of years, at which point did it stop being applicable? I know of none.

Father’s Day Prayer Request

A young lady who is very special to me is leaving in the morning. My daughter Nicole and several others will be traveling to Puerto Rico. They will be spending about eight days there working with a local orphanage. There will be some physical labor involved — painting and such — mostly theirs will be a mission of interaction with and ministering to the orphans. My request is for prayer for Nicole and the team; certainly for travel mercies and for hearts to be touched.

I also have a particular request. My daughter has been working with children (six and seven year olds) full-time this past school year and right now intends to return to the work this fall in addition to school. She has been richly blessed by the experience. I see a young lady who has a heart for children and especially those who have lived more life than a child should. Call it a father’s instinct, but I believe the Lord intends to speak to her this week and my particular prayer request is for obedience on her part as well as wisdom for her father to be more supportive than protective… if you catch my drift.

Responsibilities of Others

Your home is devastated,
you do not set aside your fear and
consider distruction around the globe.

Your child is murdered,
you do not set aside your grief and
consider terror around the glode.

Your stomach is bloated,
you do not set aside your pain and
consider starvation around the globe.

These are responsibilities of others.