Father’s Day Prayer Request

A young lady who is very special to me is leaving in the morning. My daughter Nicole and several others will be traveling to Puerto Rico. They will be spending about eight days there working with a local orphanage. There will be some physical labor involved — painting and such — mostly theirs will be a mission of interaction with and ministering to the orphans. My request is for prayer for Nicole and the team; certainly for travel mercies and for hearts to be touched.

I also have a particular request. My daughter has been working with children (six and seven year olds) full-time this past school year and right now intends to return to the work this fall in addition to school. She has been richly blessed by the experience. I see a young lady who has a heart for children and especially those who have lived more life than a child should. Call it a father’s instinct, but I believe the Lord intends to speak to her this week and my particular prayer request is for obedience on her part as well as wisdom for her father to be more supportive than protective… if you catch my drift.