Cool Radio Station

I’m sitting here pokin’ around the web passing the time until I go pick up my daughter. I’m so excited to hear all about [u]her trip[/u] that I’m fairly unable to concentrate on anything too deep. Instead I decided to go visit the [u]workplace[/u] of [u]Rodney Olsen[/u]. Rodney hosts the 9:00am to midday slot Monday through Friday. To save you the trouble calculating the time difference, Rodney is 12 hours ahead of me here in North Carolina which is why I am listening to his AM show in the PM. The streaming works very well and it is kinda cool getting the scoop on what tomorrow holds. Actually, it sounds like it will be more of the same — higher petrol prices. Rodney regularly blogs about how much he enjoys his job and recently asked his readers the question. [u]”Are you in a job you enjoy?”[/u] He has me thinking about what makes a job enjoyable. If I’m not mistaken Rodney is located in Perth which I believe is where [u]Jaki and Trev[/u] are located. That being the case it sounds like winter is receding ever so slightly there today, err tonight, uhh tomorrow…? Well, it’s about time for me to head out to pick up Nicole… later!