The Note

The kids and I left about noon today and ran some errands, grabbed some lunch and stopped at the library. Returning home we found a note on the front door — a typical communication method around here. “Went to REX with Jan.” REX is one of the local hospitals and Jan is a close friend of my bride’s. OK, how exactly do I process this information? I went inside to get my cell phone that I had charging and therefore not with me on my travels. Sure enough there was the message from my bride. Apparently, her right arm went numb and she could not lift it. She eventually got ahold of Jan who took her over to the hospital. So, I head on over to the hospital myself. On the way Jan calls and tells me, “she is fine and they are going to be doing some tests. She wanted me to call you so you don’t worry.”

After a CT and some blood work, they rule out any kind of stroke and are recommending a neurologist. The doctors are thinking that a pinched nerve may be the cause. We’ll be calling the neurologists on Monday to see how quickly we can get an appointment.

So, what have we learned? Charge your cell phone overnight so it is ready to go with you the next day. Even if it takes just a little longer, leave a bit more detail in notes that include any reference to a hospital. Hospitals now take Visa and Mastercard. They even have those easily reconizable decals by the cash register. OK, they didn’t have a cash register, but they did have the stickers.