Stay Up Late

There are a dozen or so LwC bloggers who are collectively participating in the upcoming Blogathon 2005 beginning Saturday, August 6th at 9:00 AM EST. The LwC community has chosen Doctors Without Borders as the charity for which we will blog.

We have setup a special blog for this event. And I am very excited about this blogathon. The participants on our team are literally from around the world. We have participants from the UK, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Canada and the US (coast to coast). In one way this makes it a bit easier on the individual participants, but it makes for a bit of a job for Clint who is organizing and scheduling the team. Nice work Clint!

I am making a personal plea to anyone who stumbles by this blog and happens to read this. If you are so moved, please consider donating to our cause by clicking on the banner in the top right (or here). You can make the donation in your name or anonymously. Whether you are able to donate or not, please pray for us that our blogging is edifying to all who read it throughout this event. Also, please do make it a point to stop by often throughout the event and let us know you’ve visited.

God bless!