Jesus And The Victory of God

It has been suggested that I clean off my ‘desk’. Much of the old mail can get tossed, but there are other items that I am actually getting around to — really. What is driving me a little nuts though is the started-but-not-finished books I am reading. My disposition improves tremendously when I complete something. Having these lying there unfinished is just short of torturous. So, I have done the only thing I can reasonably do; start another. Yes, on Graham’s recommendation I ordered Jesus And The Victory of God by N.T. Wright and it has arrived. Given that The One Purpose of God by Jan Bonda is conjuring up too many simultaneous conversations in my head, I’m just going to set it to the side for awhile — sorry Lee. It’s not that I mind the voices, it’s just I can’t get a word in edgewise. Operation Inasmuch — Mobilizing Believers Beyond the Walls of the Church by David Crocker is another that must wait.

To say I have been anticipating this book is a slight understatement. I have listened to recordings of several talks Bishop Wright has given and I am just thoroughly enthralled by his warm and unpretentious delivery and how his work is usually of a historical nature. I think I am about to enjoy this read. Here’s a short bit from early on:

The point of having Jesus at the centre of a religion or a faith is that one has Jesus: not a cypher, a strange silhouetted Christian figure, nor yet an icon, but the one Jesus the New Testament writers know, the one born in Palestine in the reign of Augustus Ceasar, and crucified outside Jerusalem in the reign of his successor Tiberius. Christianity appeals to history; to history it must go.