Oh, So That’s What I Am

I had seen this going around blogosphere awhile back but never got around to taking the ‘quiz’ til now. Since I am without anything meaningfull or entertaining to put together this evening, this will have to do. All that said, I am not sure this may suggests. BTW, that’s me before my morning coffee 😉

You scored as Neo orthodox. You are neo-orthodox. You reject the human-centredness and scepticism of liberal theology, but neither do you go to the other extreme and make the Bible the central issue for faith. You believe that Christ is God’s most important revelation to humanity, and the Trinity is hugely important in your theology. The Bible is also important because it points us to the revelation of Christ. You are influenced by Karl Barth and P T Forsyth.

Neo orthodox




Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


Reformed Evangelical




Classical Liberal


Modern Liberal




Roman Catholic


What's your theological worldview?
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Tagging Continues

Clint has tagged me. I must say it was more difficult than I expected. There’s a certain Freudian aspect to this round of questioning. Thus, I guess I should just lie back on a stiff couch and start answering.

5 things I plan (Lord willing) to do before I die:
– attain a deep, reciprocative connection with a community of believers
– fully realize Galatians 2:20
– pour oodles of love into a gaggle of grandchildren
– take my bride to Europe
– travel to Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia

5 things I can do:
– see at least two sides to almost every ‘coin’
– make my bride giggle without even touching her
– sleep through a hurricane
– frighten the bejeebers out of my daughter
– clear a room with little more than a 5-string banjo

5 things I cannot do (yet):
– pack a room with said banjo
– speak french without laughing uncontrollably
– fit an entire sunday school lesson into allotted time
– beat my mom at dominos
– take possession of my father’s things

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
– inclination to smile
– ability to make me forget what I was talking about
– willingness to disagree with me
– smarter than I
– ask me to lift, open or move things

5 things I say most often:
– “Well then…”
– “Not exactly.”
– “Maybe in your world.”
– “How difficult can it be?”
– “What could go wrong?”

5 celebrity crushes:
– Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie)
– Samantha (Bewitched)
– Betty (Flintstones)
– Jodie Foster
– Linda Ronstadt

5 people I want to do this:

HMS Kitchen

— writing prompt: describe your kitchen —

Alas, my conquest. That summer, as a six year old pirate, exploits of the high seas was my purpose in life; my total and complete focus — and dominion would be mine! From my helm, that doubled as dad’s recliner, I could survey the unsuspecting vessel off in the distant. A grin crossed my face. The HMS Kitchen, as it was known in these waters, was a sleek vessel of a mere hundred and seventy square feet. It contained a delightful booty. Shiver me timbers if that afternoon this booty would not be mine.

I ordered sails be set for her direction. The going was smooth and as I grew closer I could make out her trimmings. A modern ship with silver-speckled, formica counters and fitted with the latest avacado-green galley devices. Her decking was of a certain exotic and durable material called linoleum. Her captain clearly busy with the tasks of keeping this vessel ship shape. Without fear, I boarded.

I made my way past the grey and red vinyl dinette chairs, momentarily distracted having bumped my head on the underside of the similarly silver-speckled dinette table. I slowed my approach and hid behind the white tin cabinet. Time for my move. With my cutlas held high, I charged shouting, “Arrh, mommie… Relinquish yon chocolate chips!” One look at my cardboard wrapping-paper tube and she immediately surrendered the plunder as well as a glass of milk and a pat on the rump… Arrh!

Deepest Fear

— writing prompt: describe your greatest fear —

That smell;
clean yet septic,
faint yet pervasive.
Everywhere, that smell.
Oh, for a diversion.

The wait is torture,
the magazines old.
The lights colorless and bright,
the wall a lifeless green.
Noise, of no consequence.

The door hesitantly opens.
Brought back to the moment.
Those piercing words;
“She put up a brave fight,”
“We did all we could do.”

God’s Judgement

The campus here at work is actually a couple of buildings about one hundred and fifty yards apart. I just returned from the other building and walked the entire way with my eyes heavenward. The sun is shining bright and the temperature is a pleasant eighty degrees. There is a puff here and there, but for the most part, the sky is without cloud. I am now sitting here at my desk and have just spent some time searching the web. Thus far I have been unable to find anyone claiming this weather is somehow God’s judgement on this part of this world.

Thank you Father!

Day Two

As I [url=http://g220.lifewithchrist.org/permalink/15471][u]mentioned yesterday[/u][/url], Mary has been hugely busy in her new job. Today the calls continued coming in almost non-stop. Local college students wanting to volunteer and people continuing to offer to open their homes if needed. There was a call from a lady in Fayettville who wants to donate 20,000 lbs. of pork barbeque… I love North Carolina!

Dig This

OK, now for something pointlessly cool… click anywhere on this map and click “Dig Here” and you will be shown where in the world you will come out. Apparently, if I’d start diggin’ in my front yard I’d pop out somewhere off the western coast of Australia.

First Day, What a Day

Today was Mary’s first day on her new job and what a day it was. The team spent most of the day on the phone answering questions about the hurricane relief effort and about getting involved. There was one phone call that prompted thirty additional emails about churches assembling their own small teams and how they may assist in the efforts. The initial team of about 80 arrived in Meridian Mississippi on Wednesday and have begun serving 12,000 meals a day. They took with them 2 tractor trailer loads of bottled water, shower units, laundry units, water purification systems, a chaplain and a ham radio operator. After an assessment has been completed, teams with chainsaws and other tools and equipment will be organized.

Mary was touched by the compassion in the voices of callers today. At one point a call was taken from someone wanting to know how to go about opening their home to families displaced from the effected areas. Apparently the Lord was working on many other hearts as well because, by the end of the day, most of the incoming calls were of this very same concern. The team even began compiling a database of people offering to take in families who have lost so much in this tragedy. The local county school board has made a commitment that every effort will be made to accommodate children arriving to this area as a result of this displacement and for whatever length of time is necessary.

I mention all of this not because I am surprised that God’s children would care about and for others in such a time of need, but rather because I will go to sleep tonight being thankful for these efforts and how they provide a distinct counterbalance to the lunacy taking place in so many of the effected neighborhoods.

May God be glorified!