First Day, What a Day

Today was Mary’s first day on her new job and what a day it was. The team spent most of the day on the phone answering questions about the hurricane relief effort and about getting involved. There was one phone call that prompted thirty additional emails about churches assembling their own small teams and how they may assist in the efforts. The initial team of about 80 arrived in Meridian Mississippi on Wednesday and have begun serving 12,000 meals a day. They took with them 2 tractor trailer loads of bottled water, shower units, laundry units, water purification systems, a chaplain and a ham radio operator. After an assessment has been completed, teams with chainsaws and other tools and equipment will be organized.

Mary was touched by the compassion in the voices of callers today. At one point a call was taken from someone wanting to know how to go about opening their home to families displaced from the effected areas. Apparently the Lord was working on many other hearts as well because, by the end of the day, most of the incoming calls were of this very same concern. The team even began compiling a database of people offering to take in families who have lost so much in this tragedy. The local county school board has made a commitment that every effort will be made to accommodate children arriving to this area as a result of this displacement and for whatever length of time is necessary.

I mention all of this not because I am surprised that God’s children would care about and for others in such a time of need, but rather because I will go to sleep tonight being thankful for these efforts and how they provide a distinct counterbalance to the lunacy taking place in so many of the effected neighborhoods.

May God be glorified!