HMS Kitchen

— writing prompt: describe your kitchen —

Alas, my conquest. That summer, as a six year old pirate, exploits of the high seas was my purpose in life; my total and complete focus — and dominion would be mine! From my helm, that doubled as dad’s recliner, I could survey the unsuspecting vessel off in the distant. A grin crossed my face. The HMS Kitchen, as it was known in these waters, was a sleek vessel of a mere hundred and seventy square feet. It contained a delightful booty. Shiver me timbers if that afternoon this booty would not be mine.

I ordered sails be set for her direction. The going was smooth and as I grew closer I could make out her trimmings. A modern ship with silver-speckled, formica counters and fitted with the latest avacado-green galley devices. Her decking was of a certain exotic and durable material called linoleum. Her captain clearly busy with the tasks of keeping this vessel ship shape. Without fear, I boarded.

I made my way past the grey and red vinyl dinette chairs, momentarily distracted having bumped my head on the underside of the similarly silver-speckled dinette table. I slowed my approach and hid behind the white tin cabinet. Time for my move. With my cutlas held high, I charged shouting, “Arrh, mommie… Relinquish yon chocolate chips!” One look at my cardboard wrapping-paper tube and she immediately surrendered the plunder as well as a glass of milk and a pat on the rump… Arrh!