TV -What’s It Good For?

I used to enjoy watching TV — a lot of TV. I would watch all the new episodes of my favorites. So often my moods and emotions were directly effected by the goings on of these episodes. When there were no new episodes, the reruns fit the bill nicely. There was late night television when I worked second shift and there were old episodes of Perry Mason, The Munsters and McHales Navy between classes at PSU.

Mind you, I would not fancy calculating how much of my life has been spent in front of ‘the tube’ and I certainly don’t enjoy considering what I might have actually been able to do with that time.

I grew up in the generation that saw so many TV firsts. There was the first televised presidential debate. We watched man land on the moon (or so we thought) and there was a whole war that made its way into our living room nightly.

I recall first seeing MTV and thinking “this will never last. They’re bound to run out of video ideas.” I wasn’t entirely wrong. Of course there are some very special TV moments. I can think of two in particular; one in 1969 and another in 1986.

As I get older I find that I watch much less TV. How I wish I could attribute it to more refined tastes or a better appreciation for managing my time. No, the reason is much more narcoleptic than that. More than twenty or thirty minutes in front of the television and I’m out cold.