Bloggin’ In The Loo

Cool, not only am I able to post to my blog via my PDA, I can now read RSS feeds by way of the device as well. The doubly cool part is that I can listen to downloaded podcasts too.

I would much prefer to use a piece of open source software where possible, but for both of these functions it looks like I will end up using commercial packages. For making blog posts I will likely use HBlogger. It just seems to be more intuitive to set up and use than the others. A close second though was mo:Blog. The open source option I tried was Plogit, but it was clumsy to set up and froze my PDA twice.

The RSS feed reader I will likely settle on is QuickNews. I have not come across any open source package that can even come close to QuickNews as far as ease of use and functionality are concerned. In fact QuickNews also downloads podcast directly to the memory card. The option to date had been to use iPodder Lemon to download the podcasts and then transfer them to my PDA.

I mention all this mobility to ask a favor of you. When you consider what you will be posting to your blogs, please take into account those of us who may be reading your material in the loo. It can be misunderstood to let out a hearty giggle in such facilities with close neighbors about [img][/img]