When faced with change, do you stare right back at it and scowl until it backs down and whimpers? Perhaps you greet it warmly and smother it with conviviality until it no longer recognizes that you are not even paying attention. We are often told that the best defense is a strong offense. That being the case, could a full load of self-induced change be just the ticket to avoiding significant and real change altogether? Then there are those of us who exploit change to avoid any serious commitment or identity perception. The healthiest option perhaps, is to acknowledge change as a fact of life; nay, as life itself.

As for me, my approach to change has, well… changed. Where I once welcomed change as refreshing and broadening, I now avoid eye contact. I refuse to acknowledge the inevitability of change and by doing so am quite blissful, albeit stale, in my ignorance. Where before I would smell change on the horizon, I now simply unwrap another pine scented air freshener and hang it about the rear view mirror that has increasingly become my life.

Do not get me wrong. It is a useful mirror. I try real hard to keep it sparkling clean and the view back is typically realistic and very reliable. Mind you, I am able to flip the switch so that anything back there that may shine a bit too brightly can be dimmed to a level with which I am more comfortable. However, where there used to be a momentary glance every few miles, there is now a level of concentration into the mirror that is not conducive to overall forward motion — certainly not at any great speed.

I am thinking what is needed is my attention diverted from the mirror; my eyes refocused forward. What just may be needed is a fork in the road. A fork in the road requires attention. A fork in the road demands a decision. There is no straight ahead at a fork in the road. At a fork in the road one not only encounters change, one must embrace change. So, when the fork arrives before me, do I bear left or bear right? A question my mirror is not helpful in answering. But hey, what’s the worst that could happen…?