Land of Schnitz un Knepp

The Isrealites had their land of milk and honey. The quest for which became quite time consuming. My family and I are about to set out for the land of Schnitz un Knepp. This trek should take us little more than eight hours or so. We head out tomorrow about noon.

This land of which I write still stirs feelings of home for my bride and I. Our children have mostly grown up in NC but, while we have lived here for the best part of the last sixteen years, we’re not inclined to say “y’all” or “cut off” the lights. No, for us it is still “yous” and “outen” the lights. We are seldom “fixin’ to” do anything, but are inclined to suggest we not move on until we are “about done” with the matters at hand.

I don’t know for sure if ‘home’ ever fully relinquishes its hold on a person. I do know that homesickness is a for real sensation. I also know that it is a condition that a dollop of Schmierkase mit Lotwaerick can go far toward healing.