Mrs. S.

Yesterday morning at church I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. S. — yet again. Mrs. S. is one of the sweetest ladies I regularly have the opportunity to meet. You see, I get to meet Mrs. S. every several weeks or so. She is a warm hearted saint with thick glasses. She tends to speak a bit too loudly for a private conversation, but then she is not likely to have discussions of a private nature. Our introductions tend to go something like:

Mrs. S.: “What is your name?”
Me: “Jeff”
Mrs. S.: “Are you visiting with us?”
Me: “No, I have been attending regularly for about four years now.”
Mrs. S.: “Well, I’m so glad we’ve finally had the opportunity to meet!”
Me: “Me too, me too!”

I want to hug her, but having just met I don’t want to appear too forward.