December Dilemma

How dare they? Don’t they understand that we have the constitutionally protected right to market our saviour’s birth in stores across this land of ours? American Family Association President Tim Wildmon cautions businesses most directly exploiting our heritage of uncontrolled consumerism in this country that they would be wise to advertise appropriately “if they expect Christians to come in and buy products during this so-called season.” Others doubt the likelihood of any noticeable change in christian stewardship.

Always the purveyors of reconciliation, the Anti-Defamation League suggests a different tact by avoiding problematic language and dropping all references to ‘christmas’ and ‘holiday’. DFL suggests replacing these words, used in reference to the months leading up to December 25th, with the more applicable words “December dilemma.” The point being that these words speak so much more directly to the heart of the season.

Such a move not only addresses the vocabulary of the season, but it also greatly expands marketing possibilities. In addition to the giving of various electronic gadgetry and burned CDs of pirated music, choices in the service industries become attractive gift options. Practitioners of various psychological treatment products would be the most obvious to profit from such a seasonal moniker change.