Rumaging Through Pictures

Some of you may recall that awhile ago I had the misfortune of having my hard drive pitch a fit and refuse to work. Compaq replaced the hard drive and when I mentioned that the old drive still had data that I wanted to attempt to extract they said no problem, keep it. Well, I am finally getting around to pulling this data off of the drive. Among all the stuff on the drive was a whole lot of pictures. It has been fun to ‘flip through’ these pictures and remember the circumstances in which they were taken. The one you see here is perhaps my all time favorite. It was taken during a business trip to Norway. I was able to stay through the weekend with some friends and had an awesome time. Oh how I would jump on the opportunity to return.

With all these pictures I am going through, it seems to me there should be an easy way to label them quickly and with some intelligence. For now I have been clicking on each one and then trying to think of a name that is both descriptive and succinct. ‘Norway Mountains 012’ is not cutting it. Is there a convention that someone has found to work well for them? Also, I am thinking it might be worth the effort to store them online somewhere should the same fate fall upon my current hard drive. Anybody with an inside scoop or recommendation for online resources of this nature?