Three Piles

Today was the day I finally stepped up and faced an often dodged line item on the honey-do list with long overdue attention. You see, there is a portion of the house that I have been using as ‘my’ space. While I pride myself in victoriously claiming this space as mine, it has been brought to my attention that my space could benefit from a measure of serious organizational effort. Bottom line is that it had gotten out of control and I was given a deadline after which unilateral action would be taken by a particularly interested party. Their claim was familial health and wellbeing, but I suspect over-reaction.

Regardless of my motivation, or lack thereof, I got started about 10:00 this morning. I dutifully began three seperate piles; ‘keep’, ‘toss’ and ‘hey, look what I found’. Early on the ‘keep’ pile grew at a strong pace, but as the morning gave way to afternoon, the ‘toss’ pile not only caught up, but claimed some of the ‘keep’ pile and quickly took the lead. In the ‘hey, look what I found’ pile was placed a partially read October 2002 issue of Family Tree magazine. Apparently I stalled on page 48 where begins an article regarding surname searches on the web. In this pile I also placed a small sized container of Gorilla Snot, ten dollars in Moe Bucks and a small radio with TV1 and TV2 bands that I bought in 1986, while working second shift, in order to listen to the Mets dash the dreams of Red Sox fans nationwide… oh, the memories.

So, here I sit having a gander at the results of my efforts today and I like what I see. Yes, there still is the one corner that needs some minor attention, but overall I’m excited. A conservative estimate would suggest I may not have to throw anything away for another couple of years, at least!