Allow Me To Intoduce… Tim

Continuing with the introductions, allow me to introduce Tim. Tim blogs over at apprentice on the Way. Tim’s is a blog that I have only fairly recently begun reading. Even so I feel a connection with Tim albeit not an obvious one. I like the sunny south and Tim is partial to the numbing north. Tim plays the guitarin public — whereas I can make even my dearest friends and family realize how late it is with just the mention of getting out my banjo. All that aside, I love Tim’s heart. Reading Tim’s blog you will quickly get a sense of what Tim finds important and what he can get worked up about.

In addition to having a look at what keeps Tim tickin’, I highly recommend reading Tim’s excellent work of recreational fiction that he is publishing one episode at a time on his blog. The story is called ‘A Time to Mend’ and is clearly written by someone who has experienced sorrows and joys of journeying through this life with family and friends of many flavors. If you follow no other links from this post, please follow this link to A Time to Mend: Episode One.