I just got home from a wonderful meeting. There were six of us plus Maria. Maria is just beginning her eighth year of teaching four seperate ESL classes. She prefers to think of them as “English as a Survival Skill” classes.

The six of us are meeting to discern how our church community may become likewise involved in a similiar ministry. One option may be to join Maria in her endeavor, but it was mentioned that the need is great enough and that organizing something in our area of the county will help spread this service across a broader area. It would certainly involve a great deal of Maria’s mentoring and coaching which she has agreed to give of freely. This will be exciting to see unfold.

Maria is about two thirds my height and about five times my energy. She glows of passion for her work and it is contagious. She is a Filipino imigrant who has lived the experiences of what many of her students are now going through. Out of this she has developed a heart for going beyond just teaching people a second language, but also building relationships through which she can share very important aspects of life in the U.S. and maybe help her students avoid some struggles and hurdles that may otherwise be very discouraging and even dangerous.

Stay tuned…