And Writely So

Google has been up to something for awhile now and it has not been all too secretive. With the arrival of Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheets, Google Reader, Google Notebook and now with the purchase of Writely, it certainly appears that Google is anticipating a major place in the hosted applications market. I don’t think of these Google products are going to dethrone M$Office any time real soon and I tend to find these applications somewhat lacking — that is except for Writely.

Writely is an interesting tool. It’s use as a word processor is ‘alright’, but there is this cool feature with Writely that I think makes it worthwhile to consider. You can use Writely to post directly to your blog. OK, so there are several different tools you can use to post to your blog, but Writely does it smoothly and handles some other tasks (like automatically saving revisions) without you having to think about it. Also, and this is the clincher for me, I can begin a post while at the office and then continue it at home without any special steps to save it. At the office I use w.Bloggar and at home I use BloGTK and it is not a simple matter to begin a post one place and pick it up at another. With Writely I just shutdown at the office and pick it up at home.

Writely seems to handle all the bigtime blog names and for those of you blogging with LwC, I have provided a screenshot of my Writely set up which shows you what you need to know.