Joyful Noise

What a wonderful morning of worship. Being out of town the past two weekends, it was great to return to the community I am growing to love. They are of all shapes and sizes.

There is the single mom with her two children; her son quickly making his way to the front to play bongos with the other musicians and vocalists. To my left is Mr. B. with his extra sturdy cane getting hugs from all the children with a smile so broad that it looks as though it might hurt those less accustomed to it. Further over is Mrs. A. who recently lost her mother and has found out her sister is having some muscular problems. She never misses an opportunity to say hello and remind me how great is to see me. To my left is one of our newest and smallest additions to our community; barely five months old.

As worship proceeds, I hear Mr. B. singing with great enthusiasm. I see Mrs. A. with her arm around her grandson and if I concentrate, I can here the little one sucking away on her bottle. The song ends and we are asked to join our hearts in prayer. I bow my head and smile — what a perfect morning.

The prayer begins and I hear a faint pat, pat, pat. Some more prayer and again I hear a gentle pat, pat, pat. The prayer winds down and still, from a nearby seat the pat, pat, pat continues. The prayer ends and there is a hearty amen …and a sudden {{{ buuuurp! }}}.